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Director of Clinical Development

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Nanette R Wrobel, RPh

Nanette R Wrobel, RPh has worked as a consultant pharmacist to the population of Developmental Disabilities for over 25 years. She has been the Clinical Director for several long term care pharmacies. Additionally, she has worked as a pediatric pharmacist, member of the hyperalimentation and oncology teams as a hospital pharmacist and has owned her own pharmacy.

She was the first pharmacist as a member of the National Developmental Disabilities Nursing Association and the only pharmacist of the Illinois Chapter of DDNA for many years. She serves today as the Pharmacist Consultant to the National DDNA Board as she has worked to help produce the certification exam as well as being a member of the Education committee.

Nanette is well know as a local, national and international speaker for the past ten years haven given hundreds of talks to educate professionals on topics related to medication utilized by the population of developmentally disabled. She has served on several statewide committees to insure the optimal health care of this population and is a much sought after member of Psychotropic Medication Committees where she confers with the team on whether medications are justified and if they are prudently being utilized.

Currently she is a Director of Clinical Development for Pharmacy Alternatives.

Nanette R Wrobel, RPh
Director of Clinical Development

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