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Director of Pharmacy Systems
Director of Pharmacy Systems

Director of Pharmacy Systems - Carol Slas
Carol Slas, RPh

I have been with Pharmacy Alternatives™ since 2006 and am currently the Director of Pharmacy Systems. I also oversee our Medical Records Department.

I came to Pharmacy Alternatives with many years of experience working with ID/MR consumers as a consultant pharmacist. During this time, I was also a member of human rights committees and worked closely with interdisciplinary teams. My hands-on experience has been very rewarding to me because I was able to see how my professional recommendations improved a patient's quality of life.

I joined the Pharmacy Alternatives team because they are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with I/DD. My experience as a pharmacist, along with a bit of a talent for technology, allows me to coordinate the pharmacy technology with all of the internal systems so that customers get their medications safely and efficiently.

Carol Slas, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Systems
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