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Filling Prescriptions

Filling prescriptions, or "scripts" as we call them, is the main service you expect from a pharmacy. But few people realize the complexity of what goes into filling prescriptions. At Pharmacy Alternatives, the process involves a series of checks and balances created to insure that what your physician has ordered is exactly what gets delivered to your home. Everyone from the initial order entry technician to the final pharmacist who eyeballs the actual medication and label and then compares these to the original physician's order realizes the importance of dispensing medications accurately and getting your medications out to you in a timely manner. If you would like to learn more about what goes into making that happen, read more about our pharmacy processes.

Another aspect of filling prescriptions is submitting the charges to your prescription insurance carrier, whether you are covered under the Medicare Part D Drug Plan or private insurance, to insure you are getting the optimal benefit from your healthcare dollars. Some medications are automatically covered under some plans, but not covered under other plans. Some drugs require a Prior Authorization (PA) form be completed by your physician stating special need or circumstances that you meet to be able to have a particular drug covered by your insurance company. For example, the prescription drug plan (PDP) may require proof that you have been on a similar drug that is less expensive than the drug prescribed by the physician. The PDP would rather pay the decreased cost for a drug that works, than to pay an increased cost for a drug that works. Additionally, a prescription drug plan may change its formulary (the list of drugs a plan will pay for) periodically so that a drug that was covered by your insurance a month ago may not be covered this month! This can be confusing and difficult to understand at times, which is why the Pharmacy Alternatives staff works hard to stay abreast of these changing aspects of your prescription plan and will assist in maximizing the benefit you have. We are here to answer your questions!