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Pharmacy Alternatives LLC of Louisville, Kentucky opened their doors on January 1, 2006. This was the first PAL (Pharmacy ALternatives) pharmacy operation to open and it was an exciting experience for everyone involved. In the same month that PAL Kentucky opened, the historic transition to Medicare Part D occurred for the majority of the customers PAL was scheduled to serve. This presented a daunting task for the pharmacists and staff just as they leapt out of the starting gates. But due to their perseverance and dedication to providing great customer service, PAL Kentucky made it through that difficult period with flying colors while transitioning over 2,500 customers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio to their services by the end of 2006. The Kentucky pharmacy has grown from a staff of 5 people to over 25. The Kentucky PAL staff often provides orientation and training support to PAL's new employees in other states. This practice provides consistency of systems across all operations and helps to insure that PAL's mission is carried forward in the work of each new employee.

Pharmacy Alternatives of Austin, Texas jumped on board June of 2006 and serves the entire state of Texas (which is no small task). Texas has the largest service area of any PAL pharmacy and also has some of our very happiest customers.

Pharmacy Alternatives LLC of Christiansburg, Virginia opened its doors in June 2007. It serves Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. A big job! The pharmacists and staff at PAL Virginia have had rave reviews of their excellent customer service and seamless transition of hundreds and hundreds of new customers in these states.

Coming soon, PAL will be opening pharmacies in Kansas (to serve Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska), California, and Florida. Several additional states are on the horizon.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing how our comprehensive pharmacy services can meet your needs!

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