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"What is a pharmacist consultant?" you ask. You can read about Pharmacist Consultants in the April 2008 issue of The Post Script. Many of our customers reside in group homes, supported living environments, assisted living and other community homes in which there are regulations that require that a non-dispensing pharmacist review their medication regimen on a periodic basis. Pharmacy Alternatives does employ several pharmacist consultants on a subcontracted basis to travel to your facilities, homes, and communities and evaluate an individual's medications as a whole picture. It is also an option for organizations that prefer to have their own pharmacist consultant to employ someone for this purpose. According to ASCP, the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, the consultant provides a long list of services. He or she is:

You can read about these and other services provided by your pharmacist consultant by going to the ASCP website.

Many of our customers are taking several medications from different classes of drugs, including heart medications, seizure medications, diabetic medications and many others that must be monitored closely for effectiveness and for side effects. The pharmacist consultant will look at what the medications do, what they interact with, how they affect a particular individual, and if they are working for that person ... or not as well as they could. The consultant may make suggestions to the physician or nurse for changes to the medication regimen based on knowledge of how the drugs work, observations, staff reports, and available documentation.

In an effort to provide excellent service in pharmacy consulting, we regularly ask for customer feedback on how we are doing out in the field. The Customer Satisfaction Survey for Pharmacist Consultants can be completed at any time and faxed to our corporate office with your comments. We will follow up on any areas of need right away. We often get very positive feedback on these surveys, and providing you with the best possible consulting services is our goal.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) offers a variety of resources to the public, especially to healthcare providers, on its clinical resources web page. You can find links to journals, magazines, and online references, clinical practice guidelines, and information on diseases, medications, and a variety of other noteworthy topics.

If you would like to read some interesting articles on different disease states, uses of medications, and treatment options for different patient populations, you may want to review archived issues of The Consultant Pharmacist®, the ASCP journal.

Other web resources in this area include Clinical Practice Guidelines from the American Medical Director's Association (AMDA) for use in long-term care settings, and the American Geriatrics Society's Clinical Practice Guidelines.