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Private Pay

If you do not have Prescription Drug Coverage under Medicare, Medicaid, or your own private insurance through your employment or a policy that you have purchased on your own, you are considered a "private pay" customer.

As a private pay customer, you are responsible for the total cost of any medications or related supplies provided to you by Pharmacy Alternatives. This makes it very important for you, your physician, and our pharmacists to work together to insure that you are getting exactly what you need for the lowest possible cost to you. Our pharmacists can offer viable substitutions for some medications. Generic medicines, for example, are usually less expensive than brand-name medications. We can also suggest a lower-cost, alternative medication to your physician that has the same or similar action to a more expensive choice. Knowing about some of these simple changes that you and your physician can work out together can make a significant difference in your drug costs for the year ... up to hundreds of dollars. We are here to assist you.

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