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Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President - Doug Russell
Doug Russell, RPh

I am a pharmacist and have a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the University of Iowa. I am also a Fellow of the Academy of American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. I started Pharmacy Alternatives™ (PAL™) in Kentucky in January 2006 to provide services to people with developmental disabilities that they were not getting with their current pharmacies. My goal was to provide the most cost-effective and comprehensive service so that the resources of these individuals could be used to their optimal benefit. Before I started PAL, I owned an independent pharmacy for several years in Kentucky and provided services to long-term care facilities. During that time, I made every effort to provide the best customer service around. I brought this goal to PAL™ when I opened that new pharmacy and our customers have been very complimentary as we have continued to grow, adding two additional pharmacies in Virginia and Texas.

In my personal life, I enjoy sporting events, traveling, relaxing at the lake, and the many adventures that my wife and three children take me on. They keep me young.

Doug Russell, RPh
Senior Vice President
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